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CUTTING EDGE FABRICS · Functional Designs · Performance Features!

Fabric: Durable, water resistant Polyester Ripstop and HD 1680 Dn Polyester

Zippers: Oversized, durable, self repairing nylon zippers & easy to grip attractive fabric pulls

Webbing: Soft, attractive, durable synthetic two tone webbing used for all handles and removable, adjustable shoulder straps

All handles include padded grips for ease of carrying and extra comfort

Style 620 Boot Pack -
Outside Pocket,
Adjustable Shoulder Strap,
BackPack Straps

Style 625 Triangular
Boot Pack- 16x14x17
Individual Boot Pockets,
BackPack Straps

Style 640 Over/Under Cargo
Bag - 19x15x15
5” Padded Lower
Outside Pocket,
Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Style 650 Boot / Gear Bag -
Individual End Pockets,
Outside Pocket,
Shoulder Strap

Style 660 Gear Bag with
Wheels - 27x15x16
Inline Skate Wheels,
Adjustable Handle,
Outside Pocket

Ski Bags Available - All Full Length Zippers
Style 691 Padded Single Ski Bag - 170cm
Style 692 Padded Single Ski Bag - 190cm
Style 694 Padded Double Ski Bag- 190cm

Style 695 Padded Double with Wheels - 190cm
Style 696 Padded Double with Wheels - 170cm

Style 693 Padded Single with Wheels - Adjustable to 190cm
Style 697 Padded Double with Wheels - Adjustable to 190cm